10.45 - 11.30
Practical Accelerator Hall III
Abu Dhabi Energy Center
Day 2. April 28, 2024
Training Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder on Developing Communication Skills.
  • Parents of children with autism spectrum disorder
Dr. Ibtisam Mouchiri
This workshop focuses on communication skills disorders, which are considered barriers for children with autism spectrum disorder to build social interaction with their surroundings. Therefore, parents need to be familiar with scientific and practical methods to improve linguistic and social levels in their children by training them to enhance their self-efficacy in developing and nurturing communication skills in their children.
  1. Vocational program for people with autism
2. How to build the Vocational skills?
3. The most important vocational programs for people with autism
4. Types of Vocational goals and their suitability to different types of disabilities.
5. Vocational program forms and how to evaluate them for people with autism
6. Data forms to determine the level of skill progress for people with autism
What we will learn:
For whom:
Professor of Higher Education, University of Tamanrasset (Algeria)

The workshop will be held as the part of conference program.
XII International Research and Practice Conference
“Autism. Challenges and Solutions"