• Following the company's ESG agenda

  • Gaining loyalty among employees through attention to one of the most acute social problems of the modern world - the autism

  • Identification of this problem among company’s employees and creating conditions for supporting the employees with this problem

  • The company's access to the expert community in the field of autism, to the highest-level experts from around the world
  • Demonstration of genuine commitment to the ecological agenda and evidence of the company's concern for nature conservation (given that there are a lot of environmental risk factors which influence autism pathogenesis by their epigenetic effects).

  • Integration into the system of governmental cross-sectoral interaction (health, education, social policy) in the role of an influential actor

  • Contribution to the positive image of the company for government and business partners, large clients and investors
Benefits for big business from supporting the topic of autism

  • An opportunity to develop creative and effective targeted socially responsible projects in the field of inclusion for corporate development

  • Profitable cooperation with the scientific community in the field of the most relevant biomedicine, including the possibility of developing commercial products (medicine, technology) in the future. (According to a report published by FORTUNE BUSINESS INSIGHTS, the global market will reach $4.61 billion by 2026 due to the rising prevalence of ASD worldwide)

  • Creating positive associations within society by positioning one of the most well-known and widespread social problems in a humanitarian context, building a company's reputation in the minds of the community as paying attention to vulnerable groups of people

  • An indication of the commitment to the current social trends and the high awareness of the company in the field of modern scientific and educational challenges

  • A significant increase in the newsbreaks for representing the company in the press and public media
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