Day 4. Afternoon
15.30 - 17.00 / 30 April 2024
Lecture Hall 3
Planning the empementation of eduacational inclusion of children with ASD in regular schools
  • School leaders
  • Teachers
  • Learning support teachers
  • Parents
Imagine a world where every child, regardless of their abilities, can thrive in an inclusive educational environment. In our lecture we will understand the goal of inclusion is it equity or equality? We will identify what teachers need to provide in the classroom setting and how they and the rest of the children in the class need to be prepared to embrace the child on the spectrum and how the school as a whole needs to adapt to embrace ALL learners.

1. Key pre-requisite skills necessary for a child with ASD to successfully integrate into mainstream schools.
2. Identify some of the best teaching practices in line with the response to intervention model RTI.
3. Understand the different schooling options, plans, and alternative routes that exist, ensuring that each child's unique needs are met effectively.
What we will learn:
For whom:
Dr. Shahira Abdel-Rahman
Special & Inclusive Education
Certified Assessor CCET/UK
B.Sc. Pharmacology & Biotechnology
The workshop will be held as the part of conference program.
XII International Research and Practice Conference
“Autism. Challenges and Solutions"