Day 3. Afternoon
14.00 - 15.30 / 29 April 2024
Lecture Hall 2
Organization of the Home Environment by Applying the Basic Living Skills
  • Parents
  • Caregivers
  • Teachers
  • Specialists
Dr. Chafica Gharbieh

Participants in the introductory workshop will learn how to conduct an initial assessment of “The AFLS Protocols” in organizing the home environment. The focus will be on helping caregivers to identify and prioritize the functional skills that the learner needs in his daily life. The main focus will also be on learning how to break down tasks into easy-to-teach steps (task analysis). Participants will also learn strategies to support and stimulate the learner's motivation to participate in the tasks required of him. In addition, teaching methods will be presented through instruction, prompting, and fading assistance so that the learner becomes independent in performing tasks.

1. An overview of “The AFLS” protocols
2. Basic Living Skills protocol
3. Home Skills protocol
4. A recent Study of “The AFLS” protocols at ALI for ABA 5. Use of social stories to teach skills
6. Activities on how to apply the redirection technique
7. Teaching methods and educational process
8. Use links to training videos
What we will learn:
For whom:
Founder of the non-profit organization Autism Learning Institute for Applied Behavior Analysis “ALI for ABA”
PhD Psychology

Dr. Chafica Mansour Gharbieh holds a doctorate in the field of education and is a behavioral and linguistic analysis consultant from Brunel University - London. A professor at the Lebanese International University (LIU). President and founder of ALI for ABA, she holds licenses to diagnose and evaluate autism and learning difficulties, and a license in music therapy and auditory integration. Many of her scientific studies have been published in books and international journals.
The workshop will be held as the part of conference program.
XII International Research and Practice Conference
“Autism. Challenges and Solutions"