Day 3. Morning
10.00 - 11.30 / 29 April 2024
Lecture Hall 3
Oral sensory problems and their impact on the development of the autistic child
  • Parents and caregivers
  • Including teachers
  • Specialists of children with ASD
Maison El-Neshash

Participants in the workshop will learn about sensory integration problems and their impact on the child’s development, and answer many questions about the habits of some children in searching for some touch and practical solutions to get rid of and reduce these symptoms.

A practical explanation of low or high sensory integration and the difference between them. Solutions, practical ideas, and presentation of a treatment program. And realistic examples of cases of recovery from oral sensory problems based on practical experience and many international research

  1. Understand positive and negative behaviors of children with ASD.
  2. Determine the function of children with autism spectrum disorder behaviors.
  3. Training on how to collect accurate data on behavior.
  4. Training on analyzing data related to the environment and behavior antecedents.
  5. Training on analyzing the positive and negative consequences of behavior.
  6. Identify the alternative behaviors for disruptive behaviors.
  7. Factors for success and failure in modifying mal adaptive behaviors of children with ASD.
What we will learn:
For whom:
Occupational therapist
- Graduate of the University of Jordan/Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences 2013
- Occupational Therapist in the Health Care Department - Abu Dhabi Autism Center - Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination from 2018 until now
- Certified Trainer of Trainers (TOT).
- Certified Montessori trainer from the American Maria Montessori Center
- She is active in supporting the families of people of determination on social media
- I offer many workshops to support families of people of determination.
- I participate in many events at the state level, such as the Abu Dhabi Family Forums for the year 2022 and 2023.
- Win for people of determination and others.
- Founder of OCCUPATION KIDS Company for the manufacture of therapeutic toys
- Innovative for the first therapeutic box Fine motor kit 1
- To treat writing problems in children
The workshop will be held as the part of conference program.
XII International Research and Practice Conference
“Autism. Challenges and Solutions"